This guide is a getting-started guide with PMD98 MML. I remember it being very difficult to find out just how to get started writing MML that will play back on real hardware, and there's no concise guide for it anywhere! So I will do my best to provide links and information and a clear step-by-step guide for setting up an environment for composing for PC-98, PC-88, X68000, and FM Towns.

(disclaimer: Some technical proficiency is required. Make sure you understand basic DOS commands and understand that this is NOT the guide for PMD98 MML, it's just for getting the compiler kit set up!)
You can find the PMD guide here

What you will need:

  1. PMD Ver 4.8o, MC.EXE, MCH.EXE and all that the kit comes with (go to [Tool])
  2. FMPMD2000 (for playing back your .M and .M2 files that MC.EXE spits out)
  3. DOSBOX, for running MC.EXE
First, get all the dependencies. Setup DOSBOX, extract the MC and MCH compiler kits to some directory. You can't run these in windows, so you'll need to mount whatever folder you extracted MC.EXE and MCH.EXE to, to DOSBOX (preferably, you'll have an autoexec setup to do this every time you open it.)

Setup an MML folder in the directory with MC. To compile your MML file, all you'll need to do is type in MC /v MML/[yourfilehere].

This will give you a .M or a .M2, depending on what you wrote for the preprocessor in the actual MML file. You can play these back with FMPMD2000 for windows (or the english translation!)