Immun Ward is the most populated area of Luminanunjon. The primary culture is Galwi and all signage is in Icheyin script or its Galwi variant.

Notable residents include:
Chuudai Kekolu, Yalmun Noriko, Dugashoba Mikuho, Dugashoba Maho, Tanmun Kekoha, and Tandai Kumiha.

Ilmon Ward is a manufacturing district in Luminanunjon, with the Luminanunjon Nuclear Energy Facility (LNEF) and the headquarters of all manufacturing companies in the city. The primary culture is Bromnian.

Notable residents include:
Kain Mikierr, Milica Lukoszaite, and Lizaveta Nazanyan

Romuvagrad (also known as Romubanunjon in Galwi-language documents) is a town seated at the southeastern foot of the central mountain of Lumina. It's northwest of Luminanunjon and has a primarily well-to-do population of artisans and merchants. It has no de-facto primary culture.

Notable residents include:
Maria Karlovska

It's a mysterious compound found near the forests north of Ilmon Ward. Not even Rum Mon pretenders dare to set foot there.

Notable residents include:

LUMINAJON is a landmass in Tumydorado. It contains a city (Luminanunjon) and various small
communities toward the northwest, with the largest being Romubanunjon (Romuvagrad).
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